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The Ensemble

It was not very difficult to find a name for the ensemble that fits:
Michaela Wild (Violin), Angelika Wild (Violoncello), Andrea Wild (Flute) and Angelika Ortner (Piano).
Already in the early childhood the four Vienna-born musicians got immersed in classical music reaching technical perfection during their studies at university. The four artists have made a name of themselves as professional musicians who are active both on the recital platform and in various orchestras and ensembles.
The desire to perform together marked the foundation of the “Ensemble Wild”.

The Repertoire

In the early years of the Ensemble, the repertoire included typical Viennese Chamber music covering world-famous music of the Strauss dynasty and classical pieces. Regular researches in note archives inspire the quartet to play precious and rarely played pieces of different musical eras. The arrangements of the pieces are intended to illustrate that even micro-settings can give an idea of the original orchestral sound.
The repertoire of the Ensemble has developed and changed in recent years leading to a substantial extension of its repertoire. Meanwhile, a strong focus is on film music. Various composers have written pieces particularly for the Ensemble Wild, which do not follow a specific type of music or musical tradition and can therefore not be considered as distinct genres.


„Strauss pur“ – 2003
Well-known pieces and treasures nearly fallen into oblivion
With "Soirée de Vienne", Romance Nr. 2 and „Kettenbrückewalzer“ the four musicians also underline their exceptional musical skills on the recital platform. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Vienna with the Ensemble Wild – despite the prevalence of electronic music!

„World Wide Wild“ – 2007
The CD features mainly Austrian composers covering commissioned works which do not follow a specific type of music or musical tradition.
Exciting stories and colorful pictures that arise in our imagination, catchy tunes, well-known pieces from music and film history having the audience dive into diverse music cultures.

Concert high lights

- Presentation of the Mozart Year (Hofburg/Redoutensaal)
- Celebrations and opening ceremonies for the Austrian EU council presidency
- Opening of the International Puppet Theater Festival (Lower Austria)
- Film & Music live at the City Theater Walfischgasse, Reichenau, Klosterneuburg, Weissenkirchen, (Wachaufestspiele), Drosendorf, Amstetten (The Ensemble Wild plays original musikc accompaniing selectes film scenes – from Disney and Chaplin to Francis Ford Coppola illustrating the strong interdependence of film and music.
- Castle Laudon (6 concerts)
- Concert and reading with Karlheinz Hackl at the Old Riding School of the Grafenegg Castle
- Concert and reading with Frank Hoffmann for the 60th anniversary from Jeunesse in St. Lambrecht

Tours abroad

- Dortmund/Germany(Welser Profile)
- Chamber Music Featival Zemplen/Hungary
- Belgrade/Serbia (concert Austrian National Day)
- Bucharest/Romania (concert Austrian National Day)
- Concerts in Baku/Azerbaijan
- China (Concerts in Zhuhai, SuZhou, Nanjing, Ningbo and Chongqing)