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Schaufenster "Die Presse, 28.06.2007"
"Wild season" by Daniela Tomasovsky:

“You have to able to prepare the Sunday roast while listening to the music…” The four young ladies of the Ensemble Wild select carefully all pieces to be taken up in their repertoire. And this is not meant ironically.
The musicians simply dislike music that cannot be understood without the necessary brain work. No, high quality, technical value and audibility are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they say. This is perfectly illustrated by their new CD “World Wide Wild” including tracks such as „Theft of the Saliera“, „Wild chill out“ or „Quebrasamba“.
What makes the album special: 9 of the 16 pieces were commissioned works of young composers – quite a risk for the young ensemble, also financially speaking. Why did they take the risk? “We want to take away the fear of new music. It has a little bit to do with the setting of the Ensemble: There are basically no pieces for a quartet that has a flute. So we had to rearrange from the very beginning. Since not all of us studied composition we started to co-operate with professional arrangers. So we started approaching young composers of our generation”, says Michaela Wild.
The pieces they selected do not follow a specific type of music or musical tradition: The CD features a great variety of music including South-American Samba rhythms, groovy crime caper music or poly-rhythmic thunder storms.

Black clothes are taboo
Of course, the four musicians wanted to find a niche with the selection of their music. What separates the Ensemble from other classical quartets:
Each concert has an introduction – and black clothes are rather taboo. “The music journalist Joachim-Ernst Berendt once said that he finds it awful to see people dressed in black facing other people also dressed in black and do not move”, says Andrea Wild. The opposite is true for the concerts of the Ensemble Wild.
As for their clothes, Andrea Wild (flute), Angelika Wild (violoncello), Michaela Wild (violin) and Angelika Ortner (piano) break traditional concert rules: The designer Peter Weisz tailored fancy costumes taking into account the individual advantages of each musician. If there are discrepancies within the quartet they mainly affect musical issues. “The three sisters can be very direct, sometimes there are quarrels among the family”, says Angelika Ortner, who is using her neutral position as non-family member to settle disputes. But normally the three sisters are on their best behavior.
Within the family there is a greater harmony than among colleagues who only studied together. The Wild sisters already made music together in their early childhood. Many things go without saying which I had to work hard for”, says Angelika Ortner.

Hundred stories
Of course, you wouldn’t notice that during their concerts where the four musicians go together perfectly. “A gentleman once said: The way you look at each other while playing tells a hundred stories. That made us very happy”, says Angelika Wild.
It is a great success for the ensemble that they have released their second CD this year and making music together now play an essential role in the lives of each musician. “To be honest, our story is a classic “from-rags-to-riches”-career. We started playing monthly matinees at the Café Schottenring. At that time, we mainly played Strauss and other Viennese music. After one year, we moved to the Laudon Castle and started playing film music as well. The audience was enthusiastic.” The CD presentation at the stadtTheater walfischgasse perfectly illustrated that also the contemporary vein of the “Wilds” inspires the audience to freak out.

"Öpus, Österreichisches Figurentheater Journal, Dezember 2006"
„Sensational opening of the 28th International Puppet Theater Festival in Miatelbach, 2006”

Normally, opening ceremonies are rather boring. But not so this time – after the first musical interlude of the Ensemble Wild a breathtaking tension filled the room: the four pretty young ladies did a version of the Figaro overture that made the audience forget that it was not the Vienna Philharmonics playing Mozart. In a micro-setting comprising piano, violoncello, violin and flute the quartet played an exciting arrangement inspiring the audience to cheer and applaud frenetically. Eagerly awaiting the next interpretation of the Ensemble, the audience patiently accepted the speakers “interrupting” the musical performance.

Tageszeitung "Die Presse, 24.10.2003"
"ladies‘ choice" by Wilhelm Sinkovicz:
Together with Angelika Ortner the sisters Andrea, Michaela and Angelika Wild form a Viennese Ensemble that commits itself with great emotion, verve and charm to musical treasures of the Strauss dynasty. Also featuring Alfred Grünfeld’s Strauss paraphrase "Soirèe de Vienne" this program is a real aural pleasure.

"Falter - Stadtzeitung für Wien, 15.10.2003"
"Strauss pur" by Carsten Fastner
Exceptional arrangements for a new original sound: the four young musicians of the Ensemble Wild rearranged 13 hits and rarely played pieces of the Strauss dynasty (brother Josef, Father Johann, Alfred Grünfeld) for flute, violin, piano and violoncello illustrating how music was (also) played at that time: charmingly, elegantly and in a very basic way.